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Kai Altair Debut Album – “Dreamwalker”

Kai Altair’s first full length album, “Dreamwalker,” is available now! Kai’s music is the perfect combination of great lyrics, vocals, instrumentation, as well as production. Each song has a different vibe, but still flows well as an album. The first single off of “Dreamwalker” is “The Calling.” On Kai’s blog she says that “The Calling” refers to “The Calling that we cannot name, but hear in the still of the night, and ancient echos that ring through land and sky.” The mystical sounds of this track will have you hooked from the first listen.

Another favorite track of mine from this project is “Shadow Dance.” The rhythm in this song, like many of the tracks on “Dreamwalker,” makes you want to get up and dance. After watching a few videos of Kai’s performances, you will want to dance like she does, and this is the perfect song for you to try it out.

“Inside a Dream” is another great tune that will take you to another place. “Dreamwalker” is full of songs that will either make you want dance or just relax. It is a great album to listen to in any mood.

You have to give it a listen for yourself to fully understand, so download your copy here:

Also, keep up with everything Kai Altair on her website: http://kaialtair.com/

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