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superHero – Lifted

Gas up the whip, crack the windows, and unleash the speakers with superHero’s latest lyrical installment, Lifted. The peppy, John-Legend sampled, soul-infused concoction lifts the spirits as if it was as potent as the purp Apollo nimbly quips about while sprinkling in his trademark vibrato. This joint is just in time for summertime, so roll up and roll out as Lifted takes you to new altitudes of dope vibes.

Artist Bio:

In the cold, dark world of hip-hop, two unlikely artists, dJ Ghost and Apollo decided they wanted to change the world around them. Unbeknownst to them, it was destiny that they meet. Meager, yet bold, they combined their audio engineering, music production and (somewhat) rapping skills to fight the forces of evil and defeat villainous rappers of all kinds. Now they have have dedicated their lives to saving the day at all cost. Join their adventures as the dynamic duo, superHero!

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