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Album Art for Drake Murphy's p and Coming Single, "I'm Alive"

Catching Up With Drake Murphy

It was mid Saturday afternoon when Drake Murphy was able to spare a few minutes to discuss his new single, “I’m Alive”! Courtesy of Drake Murphy, I was privileged to preview the uptempo song, and view the breath taking, adrenaline packed lyric video which will be released the same day as the single. The lyric video will be followed up with official video, shortly after its release and announced to his fans. “I’m Alive” is a Summertime feel good song, which the one man band composed and recorded himself, it’s the perfect annual follow up to “Simple Things” (released July 2014). Drake Murphy found himself among family and friends, celebrating the joys of life. Not to diminish his mood, I inquired of the talented musician insights about the single, the anticipated release date and when his anxious fans could expect to see the charming musician light up their local music circuit with another tour.


ME: What was the inspiration behind your song “I’m Alive”?

Drake Murphy: I just woke up one morning…. and it was Summer and I was happy to be alive. I really hate to sleep in during the summer months. I like to experience the whole day – I just can’t sleep in. In fact, I stayed up until 4am this morning. laughing I just love to be alive. Spring and Summer those are my favorite seasons.

ME: Which album is “I’m Alive” featured on?

Drake Murphy: I haven’t figured that that out just yet. I think I am just going to put it out as a single right now but, I may include it on the ‘Her Brokenheart’ EP.

ME: Cool, so what’s the release date for the single?

Drake Murphy: May 26, 2015 is the anticipated release date for “I’m Alive“. It will be released via iTunes. We’re in discussion with a few projects about placing it in film and television, as well as syndicated radio. I know for sure that UNCW (Hawkstream Radio), and Radio Free Charolette (UNC Charolette) will air the song. I’m doing a little something special for all of my fans as well! My fans can earn a free copy of the record by changing their profile photo to something that makes them feel alive and hashtag it with #ImAlive and #DrakeMurphy. They’ve also got to tag it with my social media screen name on the social platforms they’re using (on Facebook – @Drake Murphy, on Twitter – @BirthNameDrake, and on Instagram – @BirthNameDrake). My management team will contact them for their e-mail address to send the record to them! I love having the fans involved! I love them. There will be a few more ways for them to participate with this records too! I’ll share those details at a later time.

ME: I think that is an awesome way to give back to your loyal fans. Your fans will love that! Did you produce this record alone?

Drake Murphy:  Yes, I played all the instruments on this single: piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, analog and synthesis. Lyrics written by, background vocals….and produced by me as well.

ME: Very impressive. So can we expect any tours soon from you and your band?

Drake Murphy: Yes, well as you know “Feel Better” was the debut tour with the first album. This Tour will be called, “The Good Morning” Tour. This Tour will cover all of North Carolina. There will be an extension that will cover the South Eastern Region of the US…states like SC, VA,TN, FL, GA…etc. It’ll be a mixture of acoustic performances or I’ll have a full band accompanying me, if possible.

ME: Nice, I know it’ll be an awesome experience for everyone that makes it out! Are there any major shows you have in addition to your tours?

Drake Murphy: Yes, I’ll be headlining a show called Packazoolza, in Raleigh North Carolina. The venue is huge! 80,000 was in attendance last year, but they are projecting 100,000+ for this year. That will take place on August 22, 2015, its an outdoor event. On July 4, 2015, 90,000+ people are expected to show in Greensboro, NC for the Fun Fourth Festival. These are the two biggest shows that I have on the show calendar so far this Summer. There is a popular venue in Asheville, [its called] The Grey Eagle. That’s another solidified event. Very popular venue, seating capacity is about 550. That’s a very well known establishment out in Asheville, NC. I am excited about performing there.

Drake Murphy included that he will also be performing along side some popular bands soon and that he will be listed on show tickets with acts such as, The Shift (a National touring band from New York whose members have toured along side with Big Daddy Kane, Lauryn Hill, John Mayor and other renowned artist and musicians before forming their own band); Aaron LaFalce (Alternative-Rock/Acoustic Rock); and Poet Radio (Alternative-Rock). He added after shortly after, “[I am] super excited to be able to watch and learn from other great artists, and share my talents with them as well. I’m excited to gain more inspiration.”

For all the fans that are looking forward to reading about his tour updates, the official show and tour dates will be listed on Drake Murphy’s official Facebook at: Facebook.com/BirthNameDrake.

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