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Femme Fatale Friday: We All “Eavesdrop”

Eavesdrop is an acoustic trio, composed of three strong female musicians (Kerrie Bowden, Kara Rose & Laura Picchi) hailing from Northampton, Massachusetts. The collection of their music catalog comes jam packed with an array of eclectic mixing from various genres that include Folk, Soul, Pop, Indie & Country tunes. To pay homage to their musical influences, Eavesdrop members perform songs as far back as the 1970’s and cover every decade in between up to modern contemporary music in 2015. What is so awesome about this female trio is that all three women take center stage during their performances, highlighting the distinction and strength of their group’s talent. This isn’t something you find often in a female band as there tends to be one lead and each member supporting the lead or honing in on their one ‘specialty’ so to speak. Describing themselves as “a unique blend of harmonies and delicate vibe” it has become a permanent signature and quality of the emerging group. Eavesdrop provides such a feel good, “throwback” experience, ornamented with purity in its folk elements, and a sweet feminine approach. Some of the trios influences include The Civil Wars, Amos Lee, Ryan Adams, Dixie Chicks, Sam Cooke, Ray Lamontagne among others.

Kerrie Bowden of Eavesdrop (vocals/auxiliary percussion)

Kerrie Bowden’s (Vocals/Auxiliary Percussion) musical career began in grade school performing in choruses, musicals and band. In 2004, she emerged with the group The Silver Lining and has reappeared just as passionate about her music with Eavesdrop. Kerrie’s passion and bright energy highlights the range and potential of the groups dynamic.

Kara Rose Jurkowski’s (Vocals/Auxiliary Percussion) has been on the music scene in western Massachusetts while studying both music and theater at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School and Emerson College. She has honed her craft as a musician by operating in a supporting capacity with Kudzu (reggae), Low & Close (R&B) and Full Spectrum Dominance (funk). Her exposure to different styles adds an exciting element to the groups repertoire.

Kara Rose of Eavesdrop
Kara Rose of Eavesdrop (vocals/auxiliary percussion)

Laura M. Picchi (Vocals/Guitar/Stomp Box) has her hand in several different music projects in the New England area. She has the versatility to cover a wide range of genres over many decades of music. Laura also began her music career with The Silver Lining (2004) performing all original material, and has reemerged with Eavesdrop.  She continues to perform with other music groups: Low & Close (Soul/R&B), Fever (Top 40) & Chocolate Peach (Funk).


Laura Picchi of Eavesdrop
Laura Picchi of Eavesdrop (vocals/guitar/stompbox)

These ladies have impeccable talent. It isn’t difficult to see and hear that. Its such a refreshing thing to find three strong artist that are compromising and of good nature and share their musical strengths and talents so effortlessly. The potential of their music and the ease of their chemistry oozes like honey through their vocals and engaging live on stage performances.  Its no wonder that the fan-hood of this independent group grows rapidly and remains loyal supporters of their artistic expression through song. What I love most about Eavesdrop is their sincere love for music takes you out of your comfort zone and reintroduces songs to you that you know and love in an authentic way. There’s something magical about each one of its members that reminds you there is a bigger world outside of each of us, filled with harmony in places you least expect to find it.




More of the trio’s information and gig info can be found on their website: www.eavesdroptrio.com

Are you interested in having this awesome female trio perform at your venue? Send all inquires to EavesdropTrio@gmail.com

Message Eavesdrop on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EavesdropTrio





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