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Album Review: Delilah – Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 (A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn)

Sometimes you just need a little jazz in your life. Thankfully, when that time comes there is an extremely relaxing and elegant 4-song EP by Toronto based artist Delilah for the occasion. The dazzling collection of covers titled Delilah Sings Sarah +1 (A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn) showcases Delilah’s finely tuned vocal chords as well as her positive attitude through her choices of songs.

“Smile” is the only track that was not originally done by Vaughn. In fact, Charlie Chaplin composed it for his movie “Modern Times” back in 1936. While Delilah is not the first jazz or adult contemporary singer to cover the song, her version has a very eloquent feel to it and it’s obvious to the listener that this is a song that is very important to her as an artist.

While the EP is just four songs, it speaks with much more volume. The talented Delilah, who is not without her own battle scars, carefully selected these tracks. Her and her family left their home in Hungary due to politics and racial tension while finding refuge in Canada. That triumph and heartbreak comes across in her voice during her performance. Delilah has a strong passion for music, a heart-warming vibe and an incredible talent.

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