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Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye – Sir Ivan

Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye – Sir Ivan

URL: http://sirivan.com/kiss-all-the-bullies-goodbye/

Given the circumstances this particular track covers, bullying is a real problem; something that happens at schools, on the playground, a few feet from our house or within and in cyber space. So yes it is about time that a song has come along that does not only have an electronic beat that is meant for the dance floor. However, since the majority of anyone 18 and younger tend to lean towards the beats of dub-step or even drum and bass, this seems only appropriate to send a message through the wave lengths that will catch the kid’s ear.

What Sir Ivan has crafted is a seemingly simple story and explanation about bullying, which also begs the questions of the people listening to it. Have you or someone you know bullied, or have been the bully? Raising such awareness is imminent for this day and age. And with the track Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye it makes us imagine as the listener, what would it be like if their simply was no bullying? It seems to be hard to conjure up, yet Sir Ivan goes a step further and has offered statistics to his website that give us a further insight into this world wide epidemic.

With all the proceedings that this track makes it will be donated to ten different non-profit organizations to the likes of The Trevor Project, and any suicide prevention organizations that lead in the aid to stop bullying.

Happening upon this song was profound and a bit astonishing because you do not hear this type of message on the Top 40 radio… at all. So the fact that there is this relatable idea that has been mixed with a house beat that not only helps to celebrate our differences but gives us a reason to dance. Giving the whole idea of a meaning within a meaning a great vantage point.

Another bit of advice from Sir Ivan’s page is that when bullying is apparent, maybe it is happening in front of you or you notice through the side lines, do something about it. All it takes is one person to stand up for another to start a domino effect that passes on to another. After once kid feels safe with another that action is a pay it forward action that promises to look out for one another in this big world.

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sir-ivan/id445639852

Review by Kristen F.

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