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Leah Capelle

Leah Capelle

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Chicago native Leah Capelle might be only 19, but just as little kids these days seems to grow (or least look) older than their real ages, their voices aren´t an exception. How many of us haven´t heard a young six, eight or ten year old kids singing better than young Christina Aguilera in her days of glory. The same has happened with Leah, she is one of the few female singers to really find their voices that with some luck will make her hit the charts and kill their competitions with flawless vocals. A great example can be found on her latest self-titled album.

Label her album within a genre is both easy and hard to do, on one hand we have songs like ¨Would You Know¨ and ¨My Love Has Dried Up¨ that easily put her in the Folk category, but then we have the beautifully produced ¨In A Boat¨ and ¨Natural Disaster¨ that reminded me a lot to the likes of Christina Perri. No matter what genre you label her music, something that can´t be denied is that she and/or her producers really knows how to work the music arrangements to fit her voice and so she can easily get lost in the sound.

Now, one thing that I didn´t like about the album was their lyrics. Not to be taken very personal, but now in days the entire music scene has turned very repetitive with artists singing about the same thing over and over again, and while many find the patience to listen through this, for me is turning out very boring. There are some clever twists on her music and anecdotes that makes of this album a bit interesting, sometimes I found myself having this musical déjà vu.

In the end, this is a very talented and unique artist that with some help could become the next big thing. She needs to work more on her lyrics, I understand this was a very personal album for her, but try to explore other ways of expressing your emotions. The reason why poetry never gets old is because even though a thousand poets write about the same topic, they find the way to add their own style and words – believe it or not, music and poetry goes hand to hand, once artists realize that, they will really find the key of success. But overall, leaving those little details aside, a very touching album.

Rating: 8.5/10

SOUNDCOULD: https://soundcloud.com/leahcapelle

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