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The Weeks, The Kingston Springs, and Kansas Bible Company at Mercy Lounge, 5/1/15

If you missed Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Nashville Friday night at The Mercy Lounge, just go ahead and kick yourself. The show packed in three stellar Nashville bands into one massively rocking good time! Kansas Bible Company opened, followed by a band from my little home town, The Kingston Springs, and headlined by a band all agree is destined for the big time very soon, The Weeks.

Kansas Bible Company got the night off to a jamming start with their 9 piece band consisting of 2 guitars, 2 basses, 2 trumpets, a saxophone, a percussionist with a slew of noise making gadgets and a drummer. It was clear from the very start that this band absolutely loves what they do; there was very little banter with the audience, just song after song that had the crowd as well as the band dancing! The choreographed moves by the brass section was especially thrilling.

Next, the Kingston Springs hit the stage, and while it has been a long time since they have played together around town, since January of 2014, it’s as if they have never missed a beat. With two guitars, bass, drums, and a new addition on the keys, they create a sound so engulfing and enticing that you lose yourself in it and the building excitement among the band members and the fans. About a third into the set, you could feel the group loosening up, calming down, and getting into their grove. By the song “Lover,” Ian had thrown off his cap, Matt had pinned his long locks in the fashionable man bun, and things started to get a little funky. And on “Lato & Juti,” between one of Alex’s awesome bass riffs, he crossed over to Ian and planted a big kiss on his temple before breaking into an old-fashioned 70’s funkadelic style bass solo that simply sizzled. The love and camaraderie between these young men from the beautiful small town on the outskirts of Nashville is so apparent, and the fans adore it.

Then The Weeks surprised the audience with a trick opening as Cyle and Sam began singing from the back of the venue and were carried to the front of the stage. It really got the packed house jamming. The light show was killer, and the audience was singing and rocking out the whole night. It was very apparent that the fans love this band. There were times when Cyle seemed almost in a trance, but then Damien’s bass would kick in and Cain would ramp up the kick drum and Cyle would turn round and round and get so tangled up in the mic cord that it seemed as if he might actually strangle himself. But then his long arms would simply pull the wrapped cord up and over his head while continuing to sing never missing a lyric; and Sam had the tail on his coon skin cap twirling most of the night. The set was a huge success.

One of the highlights of the night was a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden.” As one older gentleman in the crowd told me, he had come to see Kansas Bible Company but was so glad he stayed the whole night because he hadn’t heard a singer that could really do justice on a Stone’s song until now. He said it was crystal clear that these Mississippi boys were raised right. And that is really the thing that stands out about this band: having been raised on Southern Rock, such as The Allman Brothers and The Band, then discovering soul and blues music on their own, and the newer influenced of the classically trained Admiral Collier who joined the band on keys four years ago, this band appeals to everyone. The crowd spanned the ages of 18 to the mid-60’s, and everyone found something to love. The Weeks are on the verge of something really big.

Another highlight was title song from their lastes EP “Buttons.” The crowd knew the song from the first note, sang the whole chorus at the top of their lungs, jumping up and down with fists pumping and hands clapping, almost matching the endless energy of the band. Cyle commented to the audience they “couldn’t ask for a better crowd,” but only bands who deserve it get it. When the show was over, the crowd had not had enough: they demanded an encore. And The Weeks did not disappoint. They ended the show with a shout out to one of their influences who unfortunately left our world the day before the concert: Ben E. King. Their rendition of “Stand By Me” was simply outstanding; by the end all three bands were on stage celebrating, dancing, playing and singing their hearts out. It was definitely one of the most moving encores I have experienced recently seeing these young men paying homage to one of the late greats of the music industry.

The Weeks will be remaining in Nashville throughout a lot of the summer writing songs for a new album that should appear the first part of next year. In the meantime, we are lucky to have them putting on several local shows, so do yourself a favor and don’t let this opportunity pass to see them up close in a smaller venue while you still can. I predict that it won’t be long before these boys will be packing out Bridgestone Area.

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