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Craymo releases 2 new singles

Artist: Craymo (Craig Raymo)

SINGLES: Be Myself, Love You More

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/craymo.music

The Review: So as luck would have it I stumble across the latest 2 offerings from Florida based Singer/Songwriter Craig Raymo Be Myself and Love You More. First off let me just say I really love emotional songwriting that’s pure and genuine. Looking back at the last 20-30 years there have been some truly amazing artists that fit within this realm that gave us the music and songs that are for the ages. Some go through the motions but a few have a special component that you can really groove to. Artists like Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, XTC, Great Big Sea, Moxy Fruvous and The Vanity Project. On the other side of the sonic spectrum: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and All Saints.

These bands are diamonds in the rough. From the above masters to more recent bands like Beck and even They Might Be Giants no one can deny the impact such diverse music has upon our musical pop culture. What am I trying to say? Craymo is like many of the pre-mentioned bands/artist.

When you hit play and listen to the first song ‘Be Myself” you will quickly be blessed and enlightened by the musical presence of this artist thus feeling the connection. “Be Myself” is a simplistic yet monumental concept if you think about it. It also repsents the struggle going on in the US with this issue. “Be Myself” has so many musical and spiritual layers it should be heralded as a “waking up” gem. But besides the thinking man I might add it’s also for the dancing man – “Love You More”. Here the amazing combination of rocking guitar, rhythms, vocals, all behind an impeccable vocalist/songwriter touch really hits a home run. The melodies and lyrics are somewhat ‘Let it all hang out” and catchy is an old time rock n’ roll way. What’s more the vocal harmonies provide the perfect reinforcements just where they need to be.

Both songs Be Myself, Love You More by Craymo (hyperlinked below) are truly an amazing ride – possessing much in the way of high high’s and low lows. If you feel depressed listen to it and you will feel better – through the brilliant mindset and musical psyche of Craymo. At the end of the day he deserve a lot of credit for being true to himself and making the aforementioned connection. Sure some would say this band is a stretch but it all works surprisingly well. Both songs are a celebratory, glory full return of feel good Rock at its best with a slight 70’s-80’s flair. Its strong suit is the amazing arsenal of songs and melodies Craymo delivers via stimulating lyrics, passion, power, vision and songwriting vision.

CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/craymo3

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