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SJ Tucker-Little Bird

SJ Tucker’s album “Stolen Season” is the perfect mixture of folk, blues, and jazz. Her current single from the album is “Little Bird,” which is an upbeat optimistic tune that will get you through the rough days with ease. When listening to this song, there is no way you cannot feel a little bit happier than you were before listening. “Little Bird” is the perfect song to turn on when you are having a bad day. Towards the end of the track, SJ encourages you to “keep on swimming and chasing after you big dreams” on tough days. All of that being said, If you are going through a rough patch, just turn on “Little Bird” and let SJ Tucker inspire you!

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  • S. J. Tucker

    Thanks so much for the sweet feedback and the boost, Stephen!! Cheers to you! <3 <3

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