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Kali Sanna is a veteran soldier for the US Army and an R&B/Soul artist In Charlotte, NC. His music is not the type of R&B you would normally hear. He has a unique sound that mixes 80’s style electronic funk with smooth jazzy soul music. A couple of my favorite songs from his collection are “Closer than You Think” and “Blue Umbrella”. Aside from “Let It Burn,” which drags on a bit, I was impressed with the lyrics of his songs. They were well written with impressive cadences that flow well with the rhythms.

There were a bit too many electronic effects in the background music as well as the vocals that takes away from the song and makes it hard to understand the lyrics. From what I can hear, he has a good voice but all of the extra effects take away from the quality of the sound and almost gives it an 80’s type feel. “Closer than you think” has a nice Jazzy sound to it with a nice beat and piano instrumental but again has too much electronic effects that would be better left out. It has good lyrics and an addictive rhythm. “Blue umbrella” has well written lyrics and was one of my favorites of his collection but still uses a synth bass that makes it harder to enjoy.

I would give Kali a 7 out of 10 stars, which would have been higher if the electronic effects and more natural vocals were present. This is only with exception to, “What am I to you” in which the electronics fit very well with the overall sound and quality of that song.

– Amber Lien

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