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Casey Weston – Young Heart

Casey Weston – Young Heart

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Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound & image. There’s something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever “it” is – they all seem to have “it”.

Today I listened to the latest CD from Naples, Florida based Casey Weston who just released her latest CD entitled: “Young Heart” in 2014. Venturing to their website I get the impression this is one artist that is extremely determined and passionate about the songwriting craft. Website is very professional. From start to finish this CD from Weston delivers and is a very entertaining musical experience. It has a very warm and inviting pop-alternative rock quality to it, and even dabbles in college rock or indie rock. It also reminds me of Missy Higgins, Venessa Carlton, Pink and KT Tunstall. Other comparison for me are: Aimee Mann, Heather Nova, Beth Hart and a touch of Evenescense. It’s clearly marketed for those who like a female vocal front. I get the impression Weston is letting it all hang out via this compelling 8 track line up. In other words she hits the mark remarkably well by just by being who she is musically. Speaking of “Being herself” here are a few lines from her bio: I love to write music! My songs are a mix of my own experiences, those of my friends, or things I’ve observed around me. So while their very personal and real they are not necessarily autobiographical. I have a broad spectrum of musical influences that include golden oldies like Righteous Brothers and Johnny Cash, to bluesy rockers like Bob Seger and the Rolling Stones, southern rockers like The Outlaws, light rock from Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles and some amazing and maybe lesser known singer songwriters like Gavin DeGraw, Ben Rector to name a few. The key thing for me in my music, songwriting and performances is about connecting to the music and story. I figure that if I am enjoying the story or moved by the melody and energy then there’s a good chance that I’m not alone and that other people will be able to relate to the song and it will relate to them through their own personal experiences too.

Favorite tracks include (Graveyard), (Little Bit of Everything) and gripping (Never Come Back). Personally (Little Bit of Everything) personifies who she is exactly. Since were on the subject (Little Bit of Everything) would have been the perfect album title for this release, as “Young Heat is a bit lame and doesn’t translate well to the catalog as a whole either. I guess I don’t get the album title

All songs strike the perfect balance between rock, alternative rock and hooky pop. The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next independent artist. Within each one of these pieces Weston bares her soul and delivers what I would call pure musical mojo. It offers much in the way of passion and compelling-thought provoking lyrical content. The playing from Weston’s band is spot on and just makes the whole CD even more enjoyable. The overall vibe of the production is very uplifting and sometimes melancholy with pockets of hope shining through.

I see Casey Weston as a real diamond in the rough, with an amazing amount of potential. As time goes by he will no doubt hear more from her. She is a record contract waiting to happen. I could definitely hear some of these songs on the Radio, and I could even hear Weston behind a hot Country Band as well. I also would be surprised to hear her music on the Prime Time Radio someday. In close most famous artists out there have “it” I’m not so sure what it but Casey Weston has whatever “it” is.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/young-heart/id956242742

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