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San Fermin New Album “Jackrabbit”

San Fermin‘s front man and founder Ellis Ludwig-Leone shows off his raw musical talent in the bands sophomore album Jackrabbit. Vocals, Lyrics, composition, and orchestra of instruments are all spot on in the album released on the 21st of April. The band uses brass, strings, poetry and contrasting male and female vocals to really see how much they could fit into 43 minutes. The sophomore album is much more coherent then their first album (which had 22 contributing artists!) and Ellis states that this new album feels like the bands first “real” album.

It seems the band has found their sound and the coherency from one track to another is impeccable. The lyrics address growing up, parenting, life and death. The strong male and female vocals contrast beautifully and represent mother and father figures. with two voices of opposite gender interacting with each other for an entire album, its a breath of fresh air to have it not as a romance, but like hearing life advice from young and exciting mom and dad.

The album features sounds ranging from modest tapping of sticks and solo vocals to an entire symphony of instruments and a choir of voices, all tied together by Charlene Kaye’s harmonic humming throughout. The instrumental and vocal experimentation are vastly entertaining, and lyrics are just as intriguing. Excellent use of musical talent.

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