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Album Review: Secondborn – Symbols

There is no denying how ruthless the music industry can be. Great bands and artists may never be heard or be given the respect they deserve, while others flourish behind a curtain of Auto-Tune and Pro Tools. The hardships of trying to make it would end the passion and dreams of most bands, but not for Secondborn.

Secondborn is put together of pieces from other bands that almost hit it big, but couldn’t quite get mainstream airplay. That drive and passion has fueled the band to resurrect their dreams to form a group that would self-fund their entire project and do everything the way they wanted. The band is set to release Symbols at the end of the spring and all of the pent up aggression of dealing with industry folks has the band in top-notch form, right out of the gate.

The six-song EP has thunderous percussion and incredibly catchy lyrics. “Secrets don’t make friends,” is coyly sung at the end of “Secrets” by lead vocalist Daniel Pinner. Pinner’s vocals can be melodic such as on the lead single “When Lions Dream” and “In Winter.” He is also capable of channeling his inner Jared Leto and vent out piercing howls that are sure to resonate with listeners.

Symbols is a fine-tuned EP that is the product of band mates wanting to forego everything the music industry wants and what happens when you let the music speak for itself.

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