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Mitchell Coleman Jr.

Mitchell Coleman Jr.

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It’s all about the protection of funk in Mitchell Coleman’s solo CD ‘Soul Searching.’ I’ve had a lot of astounding, miraculous Jazz, Soul, and Funk albums come through the door but ‘Soul Searching’ takes the cake and eats it at the same time.

Mitchell Coleman and Veteran Motown Producer Michael B. Sutton have created a thundering, plump sounding masterpiece. Using the full spectrum of the stereo mix, panning their creativity left and right, together they have produced an album that shines brightly, sounds loud and successfully deploys what Mitchell Coleman “hears in his heart and feels in his soul.”

Inspired by Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, and most of all Jaco Pastorius, Mitchell Coleman co-wrote thirteen out of the fourteen tracks on ‘Soul Searching.’ With Mitchell on base, ‘Soul Searching’ features Hollywood on piano and vocals, Deron Johnson on keyboards, Kayta Matsuno with Sean Fabian on guitar, Tim Anderson, Sal Avila, Pam and Joyce Vincent, Jim Gilstrap, Sean Thomas and last but not least, Nodesha.

The single ‘Genesis’ doesn’t begin, but surely launches ‘Soul Searching,’ a journey through a space time continuum that weaves the listener through jazz and funk instrumentals, and the many dimensions that are accommodated within. ‘Genesis’ is a six minute masterpiece, and is the longest track on the record. The pianistic piece fails to bore even five minutes in, with the arrangement, solos and tidbits giving the track movement and prosperity throughout. Coleman really shines three minutes in.

Ending the scene with ‘Liberation,’ Coleman shows no sign of slowing things down. Exiting stage left on a rumpus rampage, leaving the listening wanting more, and wondering what happened to the next track. ‘Liberation’ is definitely liberating, leaving you breathless for one minute and forty nine seconds until the piano solo kicks in, a sigh of relief in some respect that doesn’t last long before the guitars take over to close things out. And… after four minutes and twenty five seconds we’re completely faded.

‘Soul Searching’ is one of those CDs that warrants a round of applause and cheering from its audience. I felt my arms and hands going for a clap as the music came to an end, and I’m just sitting in my arm chair with my headphones on! Where’s the encore Mr. Coleman? Where is my encore?

by Jeffrey Metherell

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