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CHEAT CODES premiering debut video “Visions”

CHEAT CODES are premiering their debut video for their single “Visions”

Regarding the video shoot, the band explains, “We actually used our neighbor as one of the older ladies and she was so excited to make out with us she wanted to keep doing more takes. Since middle school, we’ve been flirting with the teachers so this wasn’t anything new for us. Shooting was basically one giant party…if by party you mean all the younger girls in it had their grandmothers chaperoning.”

“Visions” is now available for purchase on iTunes.

The band will be releasing their next single; “Adventure” next week, with details coming soon.

About Cheat Codes:

In video games, cheat codes are button combinations entered to change the game’s behavior, alter a character’s looks and abilities, skip levels, or access other hidden features. You’re probably nodding your head thinking… Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start right now. Well, in the music game, Cheat Codes (Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford) get a leg up (or 9 lives if we’re sticking to the Contra code) by cleverly merging together their diverse backgrounds, a myriad of genres that range from electronic to hip to pop, and live instrumentation that ensures nobody sounds quite like them. Together they embody all the best elements of their namesake. Their music will take you to shiny new levels and you’ll annoy your friends for finding out about them first. Stay tuned to Cheat Codes groundbreaking “Adventure” ahead…

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