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Singh from the heart: Melbourne Musician self-produces the music video he always wanted

Melbourne, Australia – It started with a dream to share his style of music with the world. With no precedent for a style involving a fusion of crooner jazz, Latin rhythms and Bollywood influences, Sanje Singh of Melbourne never quite knew how to make his mark on the music scene. From joining talent shows to impersonating music legends, from performing at functions to strumming a guitar on YouTube, nothing seemed to bring him even remotely close to his dreams.

Weary and defeated from trying to send in demos to the radio stations, record labels, and never hearing back from them, Sanje had all but given up. However, inspiration struck him on a long country drive one day and gave him the conviction he needed to do something very passionate and potentially very silly.

“I said to myself, I need to make a music video!”, he recalls. With no knowledge, experience, or connections, he began to plan and prepare. This was the same way he produced the audio for his music before, having known only how to play the piano and guitar and without any knowledge of audio programming software. “To be honest, I’m definitely still an amateur even at that. I sort of lucked my way into making a song that sounded decent”, adds Sanje.

Bit by bit, the pieces started to come together. He planned the scenes, outfits, choreography. Sanje also learnt how to do basic video editing whilst watching music videos to try and see how the professionals did it. “Everything was very low budget, I mean it had to be” quips Sanje as he recounts how he roped in his cousin to be his cameraman.

When asked what he hopes becomes of his effort he says, “Music is my life and I have often been told that I need to share my talent. Finding the way to do that this day and age, where everyone wants to be a singer, has been very difficult. So eventually I decided to put all of it aside and try to express the joy I feel every time I make music. I stay true to the hope that perhaps some people will resonate with my music and somehow, a path will open for me to allow me to share my music with the world. All you can do is keep believing and follow your dream”

Sanje Singh is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne. His style is a fusion of crooner jazz (Buble/Sinatra), Bollywood music and Latin rhythms. He also plays the piano and guitar.

Youtube video can be found here and join the Facebook Page here

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