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Sasha’s Bloc- Heart on Fire

Sasha’s Bloc- Heart on Fire 

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Slip into something jazzy, unwrap your soul, and let the new album by Sasha’s Bloc, Heart on Fire, take you on journey through ten delicious jazz filled courses with a mixture of swinging jazz cat vocalists, already to put you in the mood. Heart on Fire is a fully blossomed mixture of notes, measures, and vocals directed by bassist, Alex Gershman. The album contains an impressive array of jazz variances, each carrying an combination of every band member with Alex Gersham bringing them altogether for a delectable infusiononic explosion of mood setting jazz. Each original, each distinctive all, Sasha’s Bloc. 

Good morning wake up or late evening motion, Sasha’s Bloc featuring Jane Monheit on Feels Like Jazz is the classical modern day hip spin that moves. Sensual in its development, the vocals of the well-known songstress, Jane Monheit, lilts the reminiscent mastering of Diana Shore. Jane Monheit can certainly scat right along with Ella Fitzgerald any day. Her sound is distinctly her own, and her scat is gutsy and vulnerably lingering in your ear long after she delivers the quintessential notes of jazz. 

Jazz is an infusion of various elements and as the sweet taste of horns, the soft brushes against the drums, and smooth tinkling of the ivories one is taken back to a dark smoky filled club, and treated to a wide variety of jazz styles from Dixieland to Scat- all reminiscent, but with a modern jazz connection. Lending itself to connect the past sounds with today’s modern elements, the era of Big Band and today’s Swing are all incorporated masterfully. 

Sasha’s Bloc delivers the west coast jazz sound in it’s exceptionally unique and suggestive way. Heart on Fire without question places us all in our space of seductional forays and swing. A must to own, a decidedly necessary album in your music collection.  

– Mindy McCall

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/sashasbloc

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