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Tony Lucca

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Tony Lucca was born on the outskirts of Detroit on the heels of Motown’s heyday, raised within the loving confines of an enormous family of musicians; his mom was the 10th of 12 kids who all sang and played. He finished third on The Voice in 2012, won a record deal in the process, and received more press coverage than any contestant on the show that season… or any season, for that matter.

He was cast by Justin Timberlake to play “the cool guy” in Timberlake’s directorial debut. He made a record with Adam Levine then toured with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson. He was also cast on the hit show “Parenthood” playing himself as a rock singer, and performed an original song.

On this self-titled release, Lucca says: “We went in with the intention of making a record that was as live-sounding as possible. I wanted to close my eyes and be able to visualize the players in the room or up on the stage, actually playing the songs together.  One guitar over here, the other guy over there, bass, drums, some keys? I mean, that’s the rock-n-roll I fell in love with when I was a kid.”

The CD starts out with a bit of southern styled pop on Old Girl, which goes through the not so savory ins and outs of the music business. So, we can easily assume who it is he’s referring to in general. There is some tasty guitar work and sing along-hand clapping parts for a good solid opening. Track 2, My Confession, is just as extraordinary, in-fact I even like this better, as the beat comes alive and starts bouncing with a big chorus in tow on this awesome vehicle. There just isn’t anything to flaw here it’s a classic pop rocker. And it gets all kinds of better with the sweet sound of Delilah, which is a completely different thing from the previous two. This is an acoustic driven monster of a track with a narrative vocal that send it over the top with originality. You just can’t shake the contagious romp of a tune that this is. On the next track Imagination, some influences can be heard in the shape of bands like “Train” and others, but imagine that with a soulful twist and you get a closer picture. This is another track with that classic appeal going for it, and where the disc starts to not only rock, but also delves into deeper territory with Cherry and others bringing out his more languid side. It is an album that can really be played backwards for just as great of an effect, because the songs tend to mingle wherever they may. Most of this CD is saved by its middle-content where its fruit really lies, but it’s surrounded by no less magic as Lucca brings it in every way he can, with pure finesse throughout every note of these songs. You will find no more than excellence from Lucca, with moving pieces of music such as eclectic Never Make It Out Alive and the melancholy Right On Time. It’s hard to find better singer-songwriters produced so well these days.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/tonylucca

Scott Prinzing

Score: 9/10

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