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Lyric Jones “Love’s Trail Mix” EP

I must admit that I am late jumping on the “Love’s Trail Mix” EP by Lyric Jones. Its for no particular reason (as I am a fan) except that I have been like most people, sleeping. With music over saturating the market, the audience tends to get overwhelmed and miss gems like this EP. The first time I had witnessed Lyric Jones perform, it was in Durham North Carolina, 2010. She wore a black coufie, blue jeans, a stylish shirt, and she was confident. I even got a picture with her! She was so cool. I was so impressed to see her on stage and sharing her talent with the organization that I been apart of, which once was “B-Girl South”.

Album Art for Love Trail Mix
Album Art for Love Trail Mix

Lyric Jones had traveled from Atlanta, GA, where she formerly resided, with three equally talented artist, Boog Brown, Adrift the Belle, and Stahhr. To listen to this project and hear (and see) her growth, its awfully inspiring and refreshing to know that after all this time, she has not lost momentum or her originality in an industry that forces Hip Hop artist to take on a persona that is unnatural, unreachable for their fans, unlike their true essence. Jones is, if nothing else, genuine in her music and interaction with her fans. It becomes so evident on “Love Trail Mix”, my favorite of the collection thus far is “Tall” feat. Daniel “Sky High” McClain. I’m so not embarrassed to say I have played this song about three times already before reaching the 4th track on the EP. And I am going on the fifth rotation as I type. The delivery is pure and so vivid.

The production on the entire project thus far has been remarkably impressive. Mixing by Corey “Illustrate” Presley (who was early credited in a review for Rozewood with Boog Brown) on tracks 1,2,5;  and Isaac “IceMan” Romero (on tracks 3,4,6,8). Album masterry was provided by Yamin Semali at The Mint Room Studios in Glendale, California (expected where noted on the project listing). I don’t expect anything less from an musician/artist of her caliber which has shared the stage with J.Cole, Rah Digga, and Avery Sunshine. “Magnetic” is a great follow up track, placing in as number two on the play list.

The one song that struck a chord on a personal note was “Music & Love” feels to be a very intimate track that discusses the highs in her career and lows in love. Its a great illustration of what women in the industry go through trying to juggle a career and maintain a healthy relationship. “Tired” is equally thought provoking, plucking the heart strings for every woman that’s wrestled with her heart and been blinded by love, when they should find the strength to walk away. What ever it is that she has been through that inspired this album, with whomever, she transformed this into a universal experience for her audience, its something we can all feel.

“Love Trail Mix” should be placed in rotation of your personal play list if you are a fan of Queen Latifah, Jean Grae, Jill Scott, The Roots… basically lovers of authentic Hip Hop music. Its a great expression of musical art from Ms. Lyric Jones that deserves more exposure. Follow this link to download “Love Trail Mix” . The project has my thumbs up, I’m still a fan.


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