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Jonny Craig Joins Louder Than Quiet for “Red Gemini” Video

Melodic hardcore band Louder Than Quiet teamed up with Jonny Craig for their new song/video “Red Gemini”. This marks the first time the band decided to deviate from writing about historical events/fictional tales and decided to write about something real. Their guitarist/clean vocalist Ali ‘Alireza’ Rezghi wrote the lyrics about a deceptive ex-girlfriend. The Slaves frontman just so happens to be her favorite singer, so this song has an extra kick in the teeth for Ali and his bandmates.

We worked really hard to make a song that was one of a kind,” says Rezghi. “The emotion that we started to put in our music has triggered something in our sound and working with Jonny has helped us bring it to life even more. He was always a huge inspiration and he encouraged us to let the world see what we have to offer

“Red Gemini” will be available on the soon-to-be-named upcoming album. The band has launched an INDIEGOGO campaign to help with it’s completion. Contributions can be made here.


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