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Jourdan Myers – Ruin Me with Love

Jourdan Myers – Ruin Me with Love 

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I think I would have liked this better as an EP than the full set we have here. There are some great pieces, but some that seem to miss, too. A little trimming would have made for a stronger disc. Still, it’s pretty good as is.  

“Lifetime or Before” is a bit too modern girl rock for my tastes. It’s not bad, but it’s kind of generic. “Long Days” works better than the opener does. What it lacks in energy, it makes up for with style. It’s definitely not generic, either. There is a jazz sound on “Push Me On the Playground” that calls to mind some prog rock things. I can see some comparisons to Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa here. It is a bluesy kind of song.  

I can make out some hints of 1970s progressive rock on “Firelight.” It’s more like something you’d hear in a French café than anything else, though. Did I say something about progressive rock earlier? “The Fight” is definitely very much a progressive rock song. That’s combined with electronic music and more. It isn’t 1970s prog, though, but the more modern variety.  

I like “Wanderlust” quite a bit. It’s more energized and vibrant than a lot of the music here. It’s also got a great driving rhythm and energy to it. I can see “Voice of Silver” as related to some modern progressive rock, too. It just doesn’t really work all that well for me. Modern progressive rock like Porcupine Tree and Radiohead are the concepts I hear on “Tears.”  

A little more pedestrian, “End of Me” still has its moments. It’s like a straight blues rock song, but there are still twists crafted into it. The most pop like song here, I am not crazy about “Dusty Roses.” It’s just not all that original or distinctive. A little too long, “Be Here” is pretty, but not really all that strong. Next comes “Slow Motion,” and there is definitely modern progressive rock along with Americana at play on the final song. It’s a pretty and rather gentle piece of music. It’s also a great way to redeem things a bit at the end.  

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– Steve Raferty 

7/10 Stars

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