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The Switch – Don’t Go To Revolver

Norwegian indie pop band The Switch just released this catchy single in the last week of January. The group of six from Oslo (on my list of cities to visit) have their first release since their debut album “Big If” in 2014. The synthy sounds hide the darker meaning behind the lyrics, reminiscent to Foster the People‘s infamous track “Pumped Up Kicks.” The group also is similar in style to Team Me, also from Norway. Something about the song also reminds me of Arcade Fire, but I can’t quite put my finger on what…

The chorus is spot on, but the following verses are a bit quirky and rough. The band has an excellent grasp on their personality and I love the experimentation with their sound. Its not quite a masterpiece, but hopefully the group will continue to grow and they certainly have the potential for a future single hit the top of the charts.

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