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Album Review: CommonUnion59 – Heartbeat Serenade

The duo of Lara Malasig and Stephen McKenzie cannot help but create beautiful music together. Better known as CommonUnion59, they both seem so in tune with the other that it makes you wonder if they were put on this planet to do exactly what they are doing. The result of their efforts is their brand new album Heartbeat Serenade, which is the bands second release overall. The folk rock, ten-song collection is excellently produced with high-energy moments and darker, emotional tunes. The highlight of the disc is when both artists harmonize with each other to create a perfect pitch mixed with the great guitar picking of McKenzie.

It isn’t every day that a new album comes out and it goes on repeat immediately after completion. That is what Heartbeat Serenade is able to accomplish. With the spring season approaching in a matter of months, this will be the perfect disc for listeners to come out of their hibernation and rejuvenate themselves. The songs are about life and the experience of it all. CommonUnion59 have been on a journey and listeners will be very pleased to hear the stories of their existence.

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