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AWOLNATION is back with new single

Aaron Bruno and friends are back with a third album since their 2011 Megalithic Symphony. After releasing two additional singles in 2013 for movie and game soundtracks, AWOLNATION disappeared for a while until they reappeared out of nowhere with a new single, music video and announcement for their new album Run, due March 17.

The 2011 singles “Sail” and “Not Your Fault” remain timeless and just as valuable today as they were four years ago, which sets the bar high for the band’s single. This new single titled “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” has a catchy chorus that I find stuck in my head more than I’d like. It’s not as powerful as some past singles like “THISKIDISNOTALRIGHT”, but it’s understandable how difficult it is to keep up such intensity. “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” doesn’t quite meet expectations, but it isn’t a step in the wrong direction. I think it would be best for the album if they focused on well composed instrumentals rather than catchy choruses.

Check out the half cheesy, half fun music video for the single and lets hope the album stands on par with their 2011 trend setter.

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