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Home Town Happenings – Mitch Pelkey at JD Chasers

by Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro


It was Friday night and on a whim I decided to hop in my car and travel up to the tiny town of Hudson, New Hampshire.  Big stages are fun to shoot but I needed to be out and about town.  JD Chasers was the ultimate destination.  I’d heard rumblings that a guitar player has a regular gig there twice a month and I figured I’d check him out.  The commute up there was uneventful and, once there, the free parking was a breeze.  I could hear the music as I headed across the lot and made my way inside, I liked it already.    Once in the door it became abundantly clear that a stranger (me) had just entered the building.  Regulars filled this tiny townie bar and I was a novelty with 15 pounds of camera gear strung around my neck.  Not a problem, everyone was friendly.  Curious but friendly.

I found a seat at the bar and filled the friendly bartender in on my plan for the evening – I’d be taking pictures of the musician du jour, Mitch Pelkey, for an article I was writing.  She was happy to oblige.  The service was excellent at JD’s.  They took good care of me with thirst quenching spirits and a tasty salad made to my specifications.  Having had my fill it was time to work.

Mitch Pelkey is a gentle giant of a guy with a warm and inviting smile.  He’s not hard to look at and listening to him is even easier.  His set list runs the gamut with song selections from a variety of genres.  They are all well sung, well-played and pleasing to the ear.  I liked him and I’d see him again for sure.  He had a bar full of fans the night I was there so if you check him out get there early to get a seat and don’t forget to empty your wallet into his open case, its money well spent.

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