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BraNNue Life

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Hip Hop and EDM music used to be two underdogs back in the days but somehow on the past two decades they have found their ways to charts and have become a popular genre, overshadowing –and sorry, I know it hurts but its true- big genres like Rock music. The bad news for those artists trying to find success in these two types of music is that there´s a lot of competition and it´s hard to stand out from the rest and make it in the industry.

Actor, Model and artist BraNNue might definitely be one of the luckiest one. By blending EDM and Hip Hop together and a sound and vocals reminiscent of artists such as Ne-Yo and Jason Derulo, songs like ¨Friend Zone¨ will easily get you dancing in your house, car or club. The production work and beats are more than catchy and radio friendly.

Not trying to be negative here but sure, the likes of Jason have found their way to play Arenas, etc. but who says the formula will work twice? Music is no longer an art but just another form of entertainment, sadly that´s the scenario we are living in. B. music fall into the last category as it´s really a music I can recommend to many people and I am sure they will love, but what are the odds they will still remember him and not become a One Hit Wonder.

Overall, this is a great artist with a potential bright future but maybe if he finds his way to be more original and not sound like the others, it will definitely help his career. But hey, for you reader who want music to jump and dance along with your friend, get you in a party mood and in short words, entertain you, then look no further and check this guy out!

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/friend-zone-feat.-st.-anthony/id945134105

– RJ Frometa

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