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Album Review: Mark Maze – The Devil May Cry

British pop artist Mark Maze is poised to have a breakout year with the release of the extremely catchy Uncomfortable Truths. The album features crisp production teamed with Maze’s exceptional vocal delivery to create a fun, eclectic and upbeat pop record. The relatively short nine-track album produces cheerful sounding songs with darker undertones such as “Get Gone” but it also has moments of powerful, tender passion like in “The Devil May Cry.” The latter and lead single from the disc will have listeners immediately making comparisons to Michael Jackson. While the two artists remain in different leagues at the time, Maze certainly has the ability to continue to rise towards MJ’s direction.

Maze will draw other comparisons to a more recent popular artist, Bruno Mars. Both artists do a great job of keeping their albums full of inspirational lyrics backed by top notch producers who can make their tracks pop out of the speakers. Uncomfortable Truths does exactly this. Maze’s moment in the Sun has been waiting for quite some time and as long as he continues to be true to himself (no pun intended) then the music world could be looking at a diamond in the rough.

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