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David Britt – Country Flow

David Britt – Country Flow

URL: http://www.davidbrittmusic.com/

David Britt brings his blend of country and pop to Spectra Records on his latest release “Country Flow.” The album was recorded, Mixed and Produced by Jason Scavone at CHP Audio, Charlotte, NC. The new CD shows all sides of him, as he brought the laughter and musical fire together.

The opening track, Country Flow wastes no time, as the fiddle is what drives most of the tunes, and although the lyrics tend to get in the way, with their tongue and cheek humor, there is a good tune underneath it all. The next track almost threatens to insult, until you listen to the lyrics and see no fun is actually poked at the Oak Ridge Boys. But the next track, Forgive Me Girl, is one of the better numbers altogether, a choice little ballad with a fresh vibe to it. It doesn’t stop there, as the next track, To Hell With Your Love, comes blazing from the speakers and we all of a sudden things come to life. This is a killer song, there is no denying the quality displayed by all involved. This is a well-crafted track with “hit” written all over it. Rather than give some kind of music lesson and tell you what this passage or that lyric or this chord sequence sounds like, I’ll just say it’s awesome and leave it at that. It doesn’t seem to want to stop for a few minutes, even though the tempo slows back down on When Tennessee Calls, and it’s actually a spectacular tune. As things keep going, the humor instantly picks up with Alcoholiday, which is something to hardly take seriously as a song, but the opposite as a message. This could be a lot worse, as once again there is not a bad tune hanging in there somewhere. The next track is called When God Was Looking Out For Me, and it contends for the most mediocre track, and more skip-worthy than anything on the CD. Then there is his cover of Billy Jean, rendering a country-pop version that somehow translates very well into something of its own. These are all decent songs, they just don’t all contain 100% excitement throughout, so you have to pay close attention to find the overall beauty, but when you do, then you not only appreciate country music, you can appreciate Britt’s approach to it. The best tracks are the acoustic driven ones, and I find Sweet Memories to top them all as the best track on the disc, with its female backing vocals, which tend to liven it and a few other tracks up. It’s not that Britt’s vocals aren’t strong, they just benefit from the occasional accompaniment. You never know with a combo like this how it will turn out, but by the time you’re through this release, you can see that what he’s doing does have a place in modern pop. Songs like Dream You Next To Me and Mail Man, along with the rest, serve to prove it can be done, and done with decent results on “Country Flow.”

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Your-Love-David-Britt/dp/B00PG84AJ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1416246450&sr=1-1&keywords=david+britt

– Larry Toering

Score: 7/10

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