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Ian C. Bouras drops CD

Guitarist Ian C. Bouras releases “Two Sides to Every Story”

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New York based guitarist just released “Two Sides to Every Story” in 2014 a nice collection of 6 timeless gems that will blow your mind. I knew I was in for a good listen as soon as “The Light That Smiles in the Darkness (A Bird’s Tale) as it bursts to life on my speakers. It has the invigorating and fresh presence and vibe that I’ve come to love via this ultra clean style of music. Whether you want to call it its Digital/Electro Jazz, Sonic Spanish Fusion or Ambient Jazz no one can deny the amazing impact this remarkable instrument (guitar) has had upon our popular music culture. Each track has conservative dynamics, you almost forget its simplicity and the fact that there are other instruments present with the Guitar at the front and center. Once Track 2 “This Lonely Life (A Farewell To Love)” came on, I kept replaying it over and over.  It is a ballad packed with catchy grooves and a meandering vibe and feel that is almost hypnotic in places. Almost enough to make me weep songs like “This Lonely Life (A Farewell To Love)” are absolutely amazing and very entertaining sonically. Lucky for me, I’m not the type to cry. All jokes aside, they are 2 wonderful songs. “Regarding Volution” is equally as impressive but quite provocative nonetheless. The send half of the CD are similar variation to the first 3 tracks but despite the similarities they are extremely different in comparison.

I don’t like it when critics use the term “musical journey”—even though I’ve done it myself on a few occasions.  For me it usually means it’s a journey you don’t want to go on, and the critic is just being nice.  But listening to Ian. C Bouras the stupid cliché applies quite appropriately. “Two Sides to Every Story” does what it’s supposed to do. The Guitar, along with Drums and Percussion (Jake Burton) and Bass (Lee Francis) round out the three piece but are all beautifully performed and syncopated well together. All songs will have the listener drifting off into various emotional landscapes—if I may take the liberty to sound so corny.  I get the same sensation with Bouras as I do with artists like Divination, Material, Jon Hassell, Prince Far and Azzddine. Guitar enthusiasts should definitely check out Ian C. Bouras and his latest work “Two Sides to Every Story.”

Bus “Two Sides to Every Story” on CD BABY – http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/IanCBouras

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