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New Single From The Night VI

London based collection of international musicians, The Night VI released their newest single “Too Late To Lie” the second day of 2015. The Night VI are starting off the new year well with this poetic track of precise piano, throbbing beat and fluttering guitar. The beautifully composed piece gives a taste of what is to come later this year, with the bands release of their EP DIY. Sophie-Rose’s velvet vocals are as smooth as ever, very similar to the silky voice of Monica Martin, lead singer of Phox.

If the track alone isn’t impressive enough, keep in mind that the band took measures to do as much of the process entirely themselves; including recording, writing, album art, and even production; burning each CD themselves by hand and filming their own music videos.

A wholesome project with a beautiful final product. Check out the DIY EP and keep an eye out for more releases from the power team on their website here.


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