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MØ’s New Music Video

On December 30th, Danish alt pop artist released her latest music video for her single “New Years Eve.” I’m normally not a fan of holiday-related music as it can often be forced, but ‘s new track dedicated to the ending of the year caught me off guard. The poppy beat grows and wanes on cue and experiments a bit with autotunes effect on her unique voice.

The video features black and white clips from recognizable movies like Grease, Edward Scissor Hands, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Batman Returns. Plus some fireworks, ball drops, countdowns and sparklers. One thing that can be concluded is that is a fan of Tim Burton and Disney princesses. Potentially?

And of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without ‘s music video signature of singing with headphones on. Which always makes me slightly uncomfortable, like watching someone singing out loud to their iPod.

I tend to see as a more edgy Lana Del Ray, but that could be just because “young and beautiful” is one of the lyrics. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly amateur music video, ‘s debut album No Mythologies to Follow features 16 trippy alt pop tracks that really pack a punch.

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