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Rap is a game, and he’s one of the programmers.

Not too long ago the debut album of Electronic Jack titled “Second Sight” was released with various music videos showcasing his unique directorial style and visuals matching his alternatively abstract rhyme schemes as well as lyrics. Recently a new animated one has been posted for his storybased anti-government single “Shinanigans”, feature D-Row on the hook.

Unlike the previous music video, which was inspired by cartoons such as Invader Zim and Tom and Jerry, the motion imagery takes cues from chinese action/spy movies, anime and mirror the exaggeration of video games.

The full album can now be purchased on iTunes (http://smarturl.it/SecondSightEP), Bandcamp (https://electronicjack.bandcamp.com/releases) and GooglePlay.


Electronic Jack, also known as the Suicide Poet is an alternative Hip-Hop MC, director, voice actor, producer, game programmer, revolutionist, self-proclaimed genius, artist, body-builder, writer and professional checkers player. Born in V.A., and raised in N.C. and NY, he is best known for being the founder of the movement “Ultimate Mecha.”

Born under a complicated situation, he grew accustomed to rapid brain development against stressful environments. Tense moments eased through as he found a love for cartoons, comic books, fictional novels and video games. Through soundtracks and poetry, he discovered a love for fusing words together to create unique rhyme patterns. The craft he develops always stems from current motivations, problems, or idea.

With a unique personality, egotistic behaviour and witty responses, he has surprised many at battle rapping; local, skype and on audio sites.

While usually going under the guise of Electronic Jack, his alternative persona, The Suicide Poet, expresses many hidden attributes and beliefs. His style integrates them in a wild rhyme pattern that is so unorthodox, it seems so natural. His fuel is aggression and his motivation is getting his point across by any means.

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