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All Time Favorite Albums: Days of the New – Days of the New

A series looking at my all time favorite albums. This time, it’s the 1997 self-titled release from Days of the New.

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  • Jimmy

    Just wanted to say well done! I’m assuming were roughly the same age and I will never forget listening to it for the first time. I actually came across this site from doing my annual days of the new google search. Either for Travis possibly in the studio/drug issue updates, or for reviews of the first 2 albums. I’ve been waiting for years for someone in the music biz/media to actually speak up. The scarcity of critic and internet media on this album has sometimes led me to the 15th “O” in Google search – all these top 100 lists the rolling stones and pitchforks of the world do, and if that’s all you read you would have no idea this existed. It would like telling the history of America and leaving out a few presidents or something Lol, I took music theory, the history of jazz and the blues, and rock history has electives in college and as a life long fan of rock I would like to think I can’t be the only one who thinks this is an all time classic. So thanks again!

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