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Musical Memories of Dimebag Darrell | 1966 – 2004

Music can often be celebrated as one of life’s priceless gifts of everlasting enjoyment through the eyes and ears of the beholder. There is no such label for music as it knows no limitless boundaries. Music can be celebrated in an endless tapestry of genres’ that can bring a smile to any individuals face despite the fact that the genres slated in thin parts but defined as a whole ingredient of superior sound to the ears of any music fan.

We often take for granted that many musicians will live on forever recording and touring as part of a daily routine yet, some of them swallow a bitter pill of death or just go into hibernation for eternity but, very few die of an unforeseen tragic misfortune along the way of a momentous shining star of a musical career spanning a lifetime through music.

December 2014 marks the tenth year anniversary of the loss of Darrell ‘Dimebag’ Abbott, one of the most beloved guitar hero’s in the rock and metal world. Panera’s musical legacy will always be remembered through Dimebag’s ability to shred a fist full of metal chords on songs like “ Cowboys From Hell “ “ Walk “ and “ Cemetery Gates “

Dime’s live persona was timeless yet unforgettable as millions of avid rock fans had a chance to see him perform with Pantera and Damage Plan in the early 2000’s. Dimebag’s signature sound raging from his custom series guitars will shred forever through his most beloved achievement the ability to entertain every guitar hero around the world that idolized his every guitar shredding cord.

Memories of Dimebag will live on forever through his music and memories of anyone who was lucky enough to see him perform live since Pantera formed in 1982 then moving forward to Damage Plan in 2002.

I myself have been very fortunate enough to see both bands perform in Philadelphia Pa years back and had the upmost pleasure of meeting Dimebag and obtaining signatures on cd’s and a photo from OZZ Fest 2000. I would clearly say that’s priceless, looking back from then till now, as both a music fan and a music photographer, meeting bands are like a dime a dozen anymore but when you meet certain bands or people as individuals it’s a whole different caliber.

We will all never forget the people that made music blast through our speakers which have become a staple in our everyday lives.

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