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“I Rig, no Record Deals” – Swagwar – I Rig feat. DJ Found Dead

Six months after releasing his debut mixtape “Duologues”, Canadian rig rapper Swagwar has returned with another anthem for the oil patch. “I rig” sees the DEAFWISH emcee come at the track with a slower than usual flow, providing lyrics that describe his life on and off the rig.

The sound follows a trap inspired aesthetic, produced by fellow Canadian Knife Beats. This cut also features a quick verse from DJ Found Dead before breaking into a Drill Baby Drill refrain.

Swagwar is currently commuting between the oil rigs of Alberta and a suite of studios in Winnipeg Canada where he is working on his next release “Dispatch from the Patch”. Follow him on Twitter or like his page on Facebook to get the updates as they happen.


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