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DeVon Carlo on the Road 2 Fortune: Musical Journey

Road 2 Fortune is an upcoming reality eSeries about my journey as an upcoming entertainer and entrepreneur to reach goals, maintain happiness and good fortune through the power of love, unity, music, art mistakes, and innovation. As an artist, I’ve learned that fortune is what we choose it to be, and everyone has a road to fortune. Passion, hard team work and music is what gets us down the road.

Who is DeVon Carlo?

Here is an artist that has an upcoming reality sitcom eSeries called ‘Road 2 Fortune’ expected to be released Summer 2015. Professionally, DeVon Carlo is known as an independent singer, songwriter, producer, director, and label executive. He and his label Fortune Forever are finalizing deals with 50/50 Global Muzik under Warner Music Group/ ADA/BMG Chrysalis/Dare. Summer 2013, DeVon Carlo’s first album ‘Love 101’ went in stores nationwide in Japan, and the album landed the number thirty spot for Top Album in iTunes Japan.

As I continue to learn, grow and progress from experiences in my market, I feel compelled to give back. Behind the scenes, In my second hometown community located in Central Illinois, I record, produce, teach music theory, business, production, performance and engineering to a team of talented students at our production studio campus, Fortune Forever University, home of the Pioneers. In an effort to inspire and motivate, we’ve recently partnered with Parkland College’s Early School Leaver work-based learning transition program (ESLTP) for high school drop outs ages 16-21.

The music industry is not what it used to be. Us artists foot the bill for everything! The struggle is real. Your gracious contribution will help provide all the tools we need for reaching our common goals TOGETHER on label projects. Please take a little of your precious time to donate today. Our family, friends and colleagues will all benefit, and the gratitude we have for you won’t be able to be measured. The team and I are highly motivated to do our best.

View the IndiGoGo page here for more information.

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