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Music Existence Photographer Selected In Music Photography Exhibition

Music Existence photographer Jonathan Ellenor has been selected to take part in a major exhibition of music photography taking place at the Mpls Photo Center in Minneapolis during 2015. Running from 16th January to 1st March, the exhibition will feature images from leading music photographers around the world.

Curator of the exhibition, Paul Natkin said of the exhibition-

‘Music photography has changed over the years. Musicians are much more protective of their image and restrictions apply at almost every touring rock show. Barriers have been set making it much more difficult to capture the “Decisive moment.” That being said, a great music photograph stands out by showing the viewer the personality of the subject. A moment captured by a photographer is a moment in time captured forever, document the history of an art form.
There were many great photographs in these submissions. Many people thought out of the box, and did not just “Take a picture of the guy”
They showed musicians and their environments in many unique ways. One of my favorites was a guy with a guitar case walking past a tree with leaves in full fall colors, walking past a one way sign in the opposite direction.
There were many still life photographs that spoke to me, such as a leather jacket hung over a Marshall Amp.
All in all, some great photographs, with some very unique perspectives.’

Jonathan Ellenor’s selected image features singer ‘Beatie Wolfe’.
‘I’m delighted to be one of the exhibitors at this show. The shot itself was lit only with a tiny desk lamp but even so captures the essence of a live performance and you can really feel you are going on a journey with the artist. The unique quality of light made this one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken.’

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Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.

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