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Album Review: Rancid – …Honor is All We Know

It’s hard to find a band that has more a distinct sound than Rancid. It has been almost half a dozen years since the band has released new material and on …Honor is All We Know, they come back with a stern force. The eighth studio album by a band that has helped spawn so many punk rock acts skips all bullshit and rolls from front to back with high energy led by Tim Armstong and Lars Frederiksen’s effortless vocal delivery.

A Rancid record has things fans have come to expect. Short quick bursts of punk rock, danceable guitar solo’s, big hooks and sing-a-longs. On Honor the formula does not differentiate much. The opening track “Back Where I Belong” is a great comeback track and a way to re-introduce the band to a generation that might not know how important this band was back in the early 90’s. Not only can the band continue to capture their quintessential sound, but also the band sounds like they had a lot of fun making this record.

Rancid has a way of capturing the feeling of being at their live shows and translating that onto a record. They have been doing this for a period of two decades and the band doesn’t seem to have found any limits. Rancid is at their best when both Armstrong and Fredericksen trade vocal duties, such as on “Malfunction” and “Now We’re Through with You.” Both have a very distinct tone and can compliment each other in a way that is deprived in their works with other bands. This unit works the best together and …Honor is All We Know is a strong reminder of that. “Everybody’s Sufferin’” shows the band take their ska roots back to the basics with a simple yet enjoyable tune that is almost like an intermission in the mix of huge power chords.

This record is feels like a homage to where this band has been and what they have been able to accomplish. It will satisfy the hardcore fans and might even bring in new fans that were unaware of the bands existence due to their lengthy time period without new material. …Honor is All We Know is a steady dose of punk rock. It doesn’t waste your time and it makes you want to listen to it again once it’s finished. At this point in their career, that is all fans can ask of Rancid.

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