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Chrysalide “Personal Revolution” Review

The French trio CHRYSALIDE combines elements of Hip-hop and Dubstep with harsh industrial music and vocals. CHRYSALIDE, Personal Revolution, is the 3rd album from this French industrial act and it has14 tracks totaling 55 minutes. With influences like Skinny Puppy and Atari Teenage Riot, this is an album to bridge the gap between genres but stays true to its industrial roots. It changes between Industrial, Dance, EBM and aggressive electronic composition. The songs bring you in and take you to a new place that will blow your mind. Personal Revolution is an amazing record, any description isn’t going to do this music the justice it deserves; it’s just something you need to sit down and listen to.


Track Listing:

1. Welcome to the 21st Century
2. Question Everything
3. Tomorrow Is Too Late
4. We Are Not Cursed
5. Another Kind of Me
6. Cynicism Is A Poison
7. It Gets In The Blood
8. Vote for Molotov
9. All Demons
10. Keep Calm
11. Beside the Impossible
12. Substance Over Style
13. Personal Revolution
14. I Had a Dream

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