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3 Years Hollow at Webster Hall on 10/26/2014

3 Years Hollow kicked off the show. Jose Urquiza [vocals], Tony Reeves [guitar], Neil Kuhlman [guitar], Dex Digga [bass], and Chris Cushman [drums]: this unique band delivers hard rock that’s equally melodic, mesmerizing, and heavy. I usually just quick shoot an opener but the sound that came from this band drew me in. Their music and style is lyrical and powerful. I actually went to them after the show to tell them how much I enjoyed their set. Their Album, “The Cracks” is available on ITunes. Check out the song For Life, Clint Lowery sings on it (he produced the album), and it has quickly become one of my new favorite songs. This is not a new band; they have been around for a while. I suggest you go and take a listen, it’s well worth your time.

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