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The Written Years – The Self-Titled Debut Album Out November 10th 2014

Affection, belonging, loss and nostalgia: four themes that encompass the lyrically driven music of The Written Years. These subjects are constantly questioned throughout the band’s songs, delivered passionately and honestly through Wade Ouellet’s melancholic acid-tinged vocals, Kane Enders’ unexpectedly triumphant drum lines and Kodie Krogh’s melodic and memorable guitar hooks.

Together, these three people are able to create a sound not often heard in the music scene; merging together a unique combination of indie alt. rock, traditional folk and post rock influences. Described as “Winter Music”, the result of all this manages to feel both incredibly intimate and uncomfortably isolating and is backed by a highly energetic live show – made possible by a revolving cast of friends, helping to make each one a completely different experience.


After six years in the making, The Written Years will release their debut self-titled album on November 10th in the UK.  They’ll follow up the release of the album with a UK tour in the spring of 2015.

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