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Blue Eyed Christ Release Industrial Rock Album A Rush and a Thrill

Industrial Electronic Rock Artist Blue Eyed Christ has released his long anticipated album A Rush and a Thrill!

Check out Blue Eyed Christ’s “Freakshow” off of A Rush and a Thrill:

This album is really special to me because I’ve been working on and off on it for over 10 Years!  I’m in the studio everyday helping other artists work on their music so often I go though periods of time of putting my songs aside but am always drawn back to them.
I still approach albums in a holistic cinematic sense where I like them to have an arc and take me into their world. Too many albums these days are just a collection of songs that are all the same length, tempo, and style while all trying to be the single. A Rush and a Thrill is a diverse album that takes you on a journey from start to finish. Some songs are more guitar oriented, some more electronic, some are the heaviest and fastest songs I’ve ever released, and some are slow and melancholy. There really should be something here for everyone… from Heavy Industrial Rock to EBM.John D. Norten

Track List:

1.The Haters
2. Freakshow
3. Last Days
4. In Transition
5. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
6. The One
7. Push It!
8. Dirty (Pretty)
9. Into the Vortex
10. Somebody Else
11. Something Wonderful

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