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New Chvrches Single – “Get Away”

A week ago, Glasgow trio Chvrches released a new single that is more mellow than previous releases and is comparable to some of Naked and Famous’ newer stuff. The single doesn’t stray too far from their 80’s disco sound, but does seem to have a more bass-driven hook rather than their usual treble chorus. The harmonies seem a bit off, and its just overall too sloppy compared to their previous releases. That being said, it’s certainly no disgrace for Chvrches and I have faith that whether their next release is an EP, LP, or album, the final product will be worth the listen. Interestingly, the song is part of a BBC radio 1 project consisting of re-scoring the 2011 film ‘Drive’, which will be airing with a different score on BBC 3 on October 30th. That explains the artwork featuring Ryan Gosling, and the different tone to the single.

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