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Singer YENN Drops New Single and Music Video Entitled “Foreigner”

International singer / Pop star YENN is back with her second single and music video entitled “Foreigner.” Yenn’s new single, which had dropped on iTunes Tuesday August 5th, is an upbeat catchy dance tune different from her last single entitled “I Don’t Need You To Love Me” featuring a rap verse from L.A. emceeLegacy, former member of the New Boyz, that impacted popular site like Singers Room and was #3 in the site’s “Popular New Music” category as well as made the top 10 in Singers Room’sIndie Rotation, Soul Train, Mix Matters; just to name a few.

YENN first debuted on the charts with the Dance/Electro single,“So Good to Be Wrong,” in 2010. It peeked at No. 25, and while considered a dance track, it was a true vocal trance and underground rave joint, featuring YENN’s soft, melodic vocals. YENN came back in 2011 with the electro-charged, single, “Pretty Ugly.” YENN calls it a “celebratory” track that peaked at No. 14, written and produced by Alex Cantrell.

YENN explains her new flirty single “Foreigner,” as stated, “It’s about being open to other cultures, and exploring the exotic in music, culture, and people.” The evocative lyrics suggest a sensual attractions to foreigners with a pop-tinged vibe and grove.

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