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Reesa Renee’s “Reelease”

In an industry where current music is lacking positive female influence and substance on a mainstream level, Reesa Renee is a breath of fresh air. Reesa Renee is an independent artist, songwriter and lyrical poet from the DC Metropolitan Area. In 2012, Reesa released her indie album “Reelease” a play on her name and a grand statement to flow in the music. She sounds like a brilliant talent going extremely hard for what she loves, self expression in her music! Renee sounds like a combination of Erykah Badu meets BOB. The reason for this comparison is due to her confident originality paired comfortably with her high energy that she delivers on track.   Her style is mixed with what sounds like jazz and soul with huge elements of hip hop and urban spirit. The best of these genre combinations can be found on  a song called “Got Me Loose“. The song is spicy and swings powerfully. Another great listen on the album with a great message is “Radio” where she expresses her dissatisfaction with the current selection of music being offered to the listening audience. Of all the songs on this project “Last Goodbye” and “So Easy”  were my favorite of the entire album as it highlighted a style that placed me in mind of Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and exhibited her versatility. Reesa is so comfortable and confident in her expression its organic to hear her transition from line to line, note to note, track to track. “Reelease” is an enjoyable listen. Professionally mixed and mastered with clarity and consistency. If you are a lover of The Roots, Erykah Badu, or Jill Scott this woman’s music is definitely for you!

Available now on iTunes! Download Reesa Reene’s “Reelease

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