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New Generation Music Video Project

Everyone does the normal music video. We want to jump things up a notch and take advantage of the avalanches of technology out there. Our goal is to create the digital Laurel Crown arena. Our videos won’t just be Bobby sitting on a tailgate playing his guitar. Our videos will be computer generated special effects; engaging the viewers in the mystery of the story. Our songs are your stories; love, hurt, pain, struggle, abuse, desire, and dreams. Videos pulling viewers into the story with music has always been powerful. Who hasn’t had a song speak to them at some point in life? No one. Music is the one force of nature that mankind controls.

Laurel Crown thrives with independent, mega talent. We understand the struggles. That is why we choose to use independent artists in every arena we can to grow. As we grow, we want to take as many talented forces with us as possible. This project is no exception.

Our goal is to create the computerized Laurel Crown members through independent illustrators first. We will then move on to phase 2 and utilize independent computer graphic artists to bring those illustrations to life. The compelling, created characters will be used for our music videos, our television presence, and more.

We want our backers to take part in each member’s creation. All backers who support us with $75 or more will get to vote on the final designs. We will provide you with the back story for each of our members, and email you copies of the top illustrations to vote on. The designs chosen by our backers for each of our members will be the digital face for that member. Be kind to us!

We wish to secure at least 3 fully detailed, color, top quality designs for each of our 6 members. We are confident we can meet our goal, and we appreciate your support. As do the independent illustrative artists who will thrive from this project.

About Stephen Vicino

Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.

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