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Suzerain to release new single ‘Good Day’

London based 5-piece Suzerain release their brand new EP, ‘Good Day’, at the end of November. Produced by double Grammy Award winner Steve Lyon, who has worked with the likes of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie Sioux and The Cure, this is a brooding, cinematic collection of songs that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the dark majesty of those artists.

The title track, ‘Good Day’ is a thunderous, sinuous beast; three and a half minutes of stadium-size drums, colossal fuzz bass lines, portentous chord progressions and declamatory vocals. You can listen to it HERE.

Lead singer Tom Pether explains, “’Good Day’ is a song about pretending everything is okay when it’s not, that things are fine when deep down we know things are very far from fine. Not fine at all. It’s about allowing ourselves to be distracted, forgetting or choosing to forget. It’s a little sarcastic. And I think it’s a little sad.”

Playing Live:

13th November, Antwerp Mansion, Manchester
14th November, Surya, Kings Cross, London

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