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We The Machine Unleash a “Tempest”, New Single/Video From Seasons EP

Boston-based We The Machine have made a big splash in the post-hardcore/metalcore scene with their latest release, Seasons, the follow-up EP to last year’s well-reviewed debut. Picking up where they left off a year prior, Seasons is an epic fusion of melody and weight, seamlessly smashing together catchy hooks, refreshing guitar melodies, and big breakdowns. Newest single “Tempest” hits the listener in the face with the emblematic passion on display all throughout Seasons. The song, which features guest vocals from long-time friend Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, has an accompanying lyric video that just had its premiere on Bryan Stars Interviews YouTube channel.

“Passion, liberty, and expression,” serve as the foundation of the band, explains Jace Frenzy, We the Machine’s vocalist and songwriter. “Hopefully we can connect with our fans and inspire them to be themselves, whoever that may be. The whole concept of We The Machine is not to preach about a centralized message, but to encourage people not to be afraid of pursuing their beliefs, however popular or unpopular they may be.” These words, spoken in 2013, proved to be the launching pad for the band and their debut Dissenter. That record was impactful, earning them a solid fanbase, critical notice and viral recognition due not only to the band’s infectious sound but the reaction to their cover of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break.”

Along with the waves they made with their debut, We The Machine has been racking up fans with their vibrant and energetic live shows. Finishing first (top 20 nation-wide) in the 2013 Ernie Ball Warped Tour voting earned them a slot at the Boston date alongside bands like Crown The Empire, We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, I See Stars, August Burns Red, Sleeping With Sirens, The Used and many more. They also ranked in the top-20 nation-wide in 2014 for a second year in a row. “We want kids to come see us live and feel right on stage with us”, says Frenzy. “Enjoy the music for what it is, and take from it what means most to you.  If we can connect with our fans on that intimate level, it makes it all worthwhile.”

All the hard work and dedication heard on their debut and seen at their live shows is on full- display and amplified on Seasons. “This record chronicles a transition period. Although we weather many storms over the past year, this record is proof of our perseverance, passion, and dedication,” explains Frenzy. “We wanted a record which told four completely separate stories.” One of those stories was Seasons‘ first single “The Scarecrow,” which tells the story of finding the positive in every situation, even when you’re faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. The video for the song is a fully-realized narrative full of ghostly and nightmarish visions.

“Our message remains unchanged,” says Frenzy. “We are passionate about life and Seasons definitely shows that to the fullest. I think our fans will hear a slightly different and more aggressive musical direction with the same lyrical intensity.” Hearing the EP, “The Scarecrow,” and newest single, “Tempest,” there’s no denying that We The Machine can back it up.

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