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Mike Lo Video for Ms. Conception

Be sure to check out Mike Lo’s video for Ms. Conception. This catchy tune and great music video really shows off Mike Lo’s skill as a musician!


About Mike Lo:

Lo’s creative process starts with the beat. Whether it is aggressive or reflective, Mike explains “the idea is to tap into the raw energy of the music and produce lyrics that enhance the vibe.” His newest single, “Ms. Conception”, deals with relationships and how quickly the rose colored glasses in new love wear thin when people start to get to really know the other person standing in front of them. It is a commentary on women who pretend to be one way and then quickly change once the initial sweep of the romance starts to fade – and the frustration that ensues. The bouncy Pop nature of the song is set to put Mike in the doorway of the mainstream hip hop scene and its subject matter is relatable to almost anyone who has experienced the highs and frustrations of young love.

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